Learnerships for Agriculture includes working with animals and plants. Nature is used to feed, clothe, nourish and protect people. It involves the growing, breeding, cultivating, development and more of the land. Agriculture produces products to enhance and sustain human life. It also includes fishery, biological products, chemicals, environmental affairs, perishable products, food technology, water management, agricultural research, pesticides and so much more. With Agriculture Learnerships in this field, the doors to many sectors and developments are open. You can select from a wide range of careers and industries to work in.

Companies that offer Agriculture Learnerships
Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
Department of Environmental Affairs
Rand Water
Agriculture Learnerships Available
Agriculture learnerships offers a wide range of careers. Most companies in this field seek gifted individuals who love nature and are committed to change and growth. Below are some of the career options you can consider in this field:

Learnerships for Agriculture: Career options:

Environmental Health Consultant
Agricultural Scientist
Events Manager
Analytical Chemist
Crop Production Manager
Public Administrator
Pasture Scientist
Plant Production Manager
Wildlife Manager
Development Coordinator
Micro Biologist
Water Agents
Pollution Manager
Waste Manager
Timber Harvesting
Lumber Milling
Animal Production
Plant Production
Animal Husbandry
Learnerships for Agriculture Requirements
In this field, each company that offers learnerships will have their own stipulation for interested candidates. Many of these may differ, so, we have compiled some of the frequently found requirements. Most learnerships in this field prefer candidates between the ages of 18 and 35. Applicants should also attach a CV, reference letters or recommendations if they have any.

The basic list of requirements may include:

Must be a citizen of South Africa with a valid ID book
Applicants must hold a Grade 12 certification
Candidates must not have been part of another learnership
Applicants must have a diploma or degree in their field of application
Applicants with disability must submit a medical certificate indicating the disability
All contact detail must be up-to-date, all documents certified copies and the application completed in full.

How to Apply for Agriculture Learnerships?
Agriculture learnerships online applications are usually found under the careers tab on a company’s website unless they have a graduate/training page. Many companies still make use of printed applications such as the Government. In such a case the application will be available for download or it will be sent to you through email. Once you download the form or receive it via email, it must be printed, completed and either, emailed, posted or hand delivered with certified copies of all required documentation.

Most learnerships are for a 12-month or 24-month period unless otherwise stipulated. Applicants who make the shortlist will be contacted. Thus, if you do not hear from the company in 2 – 3 months after the closing of applications, you may assume you were not selected for the program. Some companies may ask selected applicant to take part in a variety of skills test and more.

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