Call center learnerships are for many people an ideal job. This career field is mostly based on exceptional communication, it is reaching out and touching people without face-to-face confrontations, monotony or angry customers. People in this field usually love to talk to others and have a unique way of doing so.

Companies Providing Call Center Learnerships
There are many companies that offer call center learnerships. Candidates can learn more about these companies through their learnership programs:

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Companies to consider may include the following and more:

Active Technologies
Career Options With Call Center Learnerships
There is many different businesses and organizations that make use of this field and career options include the following and more:

Sales Manager
Technical Support
Customer Service
Call Centre Operation
Call Centre Manager
Corporate Communications
Call Center Learnerships Requirements
Candidates interested in applying for call center learnerships must adhere to the requirements as stipulated by the company offering the learnership. Most companies offering learnerships within South Africa have basic requirements that are similar, although, some may also have additional requirements.

Basic requirements can include the following:

All candidates must be a citizen of South Africa
Candidates must have a valid Grade 12 certification
A candidate must be computer literate
Candidates must be skilled in English
You must have an outgoing and open personality
Candidates must love working with people
All candidates must have excellent communication skills and telephone manner
Candidates must work well independently and as part of a team
You must be problem solvers and can think outside of the box
Call Center Learnerships Application
Some companies have online application processes and other prefer paper form applications. The method of application will depend on the company applying to. Candidates must ensure they complete all fields of the application and attach certified copies of all required documentation.

Call Center Learnerships Closing Date
Closing date for each learnership will be different and depend on the company applying to. Candidates must ensure they know what these dates are and that their applications are submitted on time

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