If you are wondering what a pick packer is he is someone that mostly work in a warehouse or distribution centre for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. The ‘pick’ part of the job title means that they go around the warehouse picking out the items that are needed to fulfil the order on the ‘picking slip’. While the ‘pack’ aspect of the job implies to the packing of the order once it is finished and then later on ship it to the intended destination. Pick packing is important for the effective and efficient management of warehouse inventories and the smooth carrying out of orders.

Inorder for one to be a pick packer, you are not required to have any formal education or qualifications, since you are given on-the-job training provided to teach you the does and donts of the role. Even if you don’t have, experience in a previous pick packing position you can also apply as experience is not necessary.

However, to successfully secure a position as a pick packer, it is very critical that you have the following skills and attributes:

Pay special attention to detail

able to follow instructions

physically fit

willing to work hard

good time management

organised and self-motivated

able to work effectively in a team

able to work in a fast-paced environment

Pick packing work is a good opportunity for people who want to work, but have little or no previous experience or formal training/education, as the tasks you are needed to perform can be easily taught to you. Working as a pick packer is also an advantage to those who want a flexible job that can be easily fit into their busy schedules, such as students and single parents. This is because you can work as a pick packer on a casual basis, due to the demand sensitive nature of the role.

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