How to apply for coca cola jobs and internships available

General workers


The Coca-Cola Company is definitely a wonderful opportunity to experience. It’s not only about working for the world beverage leader, it’s a chance to be a part of something that changes the world. From our product portfolio to the planet itself, we provide with the chance not only to build a prosperous career but we also provide you with the chance to make a change in the world.

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Coca – Cola has offered a chance to people who do not have jobs and also for people who are disabled, to have this opporthunity to a work at coca-cola with the following requirement, we are also providing an internship for the graduate, this will be a wonderful chance for young people to be able to obtain their career goals and to be able to improve their ability and knowledge about the job through our training

Jobs that are available.
general workers
Warehouse Worker
Disabled General Office Worker
Pickers and Packers Required
Data Capture
you must at least have l year experience
also have grade 10 and above
Able to work 5 days a week
Knowledge of Packaging
Good analytical & numerical ability
Team player who can also work independently
Able to work under pressure and handle a demanding work environment
Self-discipline and well organized
Responsible, conscientious and dependable
Valid code 8,10 or 14 drivers license

How to apply for coca- cola jobs and internship.
You can apply by emailing your CV here when you email your CV make sure that you upload all your document and the required document check all the document to make sure everything is in order before you send your email also don’t forget to write your address,make sure you send before the closing date or Apply here

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