Being employed in the government and ministry is so rewarding and intriguing. At the moment there there are many positions to apply from.

Every now and then many ministry and departments will be in need of qualified freshmen to fill the vacant positions. Among those departments, Department of Mineral Resources Learnerships Internships can be intruging careers to try.

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This department is accountable for maintaining and managing the mineral resources of the country. When it comes to managing the mineral resources, the department must be able to increase the efficiency of process and products of the mining. Then, rising the numbers of investments in mineral and mining sectors also the become the other goals.

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Exploration and expedition will also be carried out since the department needs to increase and manage the nation’s mineral wealth. Importing and exporting can also be part of the responsibility to handle.

Of course, positions of these careers are not restricted to people with educational background in mining, mineral studies and other related fields. However there are also other positions that will require the other educational background. Qualifications needed are determined by the position that applicants and candidates want to apply.

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There are some requirements that should be submitted to the Department of Mineral Resources learnerships careers for people who want to apply for positions in the department.

According to this job copied documents related to their qualifications must be submitted. These documents include certificate of educational background based on the specific position that is applied by the candidates and some lists of experiences. Experiences are required in the qualification since the department needs to see the working experiences. So that they can track record and ability since the experiences testify that you have good skills. Then, identity documents must also be attached.

This is about the ID card and other related document and these must be certified within 3 months. Proof of citizenship must also be attached on the documents as a proof of the citizens since preference will be going to citizens of the country.

These are some basic documents that must be completed. Then, the comprehensive CV must also be made. The complete information must be written in the CV. The other thing that must be included are three reference persons that know the candidates very well. Information about the three persons include the name and contact number. This will be needed since later the representative of the department would want to make a conversation and interview to get complete information about the candidate. This is vital since the department needs to know well about the applicant and their personality. These are some documents that must be enclosed for the Department of Mineral Resources Career. If you want see this Learnership: Apply DMR Learnership

Then, if their positions in the Department of Mineral Resources Learnerships opportunity that need driving license, applicants must include copies of valid drivers license and these must be certified within three months. These are required to prove that they are licensed driver and they have good experience in driving, so it will not cause problems in the future. In this case, all of those documents and copies must be made clear and there cannot be mistake or missed documents or copies.

Department will not condone any missing documents and failure in submitting the documents mean that the candidates will be disqualified. Then, the department has set closing date as the estimation for the fixture. If there is no feedback and invitation within duration of 3 months, it means that the applications are regarded as unsuccessful.

As the next step Candidate’s will be called for interview of document submission and applicant must come based on the specified date. There will also be some kinds of technical exercises to see and test technical and practical skills of candidates. When the interview and the technical exercises are passed, then there will be further information.

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