Fidelity Services Group Job Vacancies in South Africa 2021-2022

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Fidelity Services Group Profile
The Fidelity Services Group is a remarkable South African company that has provided quality solutions within the field of security and protection. With their years of experience, it comes as no shock that the company has a stunning track record and portfolio. This is all due to their extensive use of technologies, and being able to evolve through the change of trends. Having expanded to a total of 82 branches in several countries, including South Africa, Botswana and Zambia, the Fidelity Services Group understands the importance of BEE initiatives and how it has shaped the company’s legacy throughout the course of their operations.

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About Fidelity Services Group Job Vacancies in South Africa 2021-2022
The Fidelity Services Group is offering multiple job vacancies for South African youths who wish to be a part of the leading security solutions industry. The company is constantly seeking out for new recruits that could provide fresh new insight onto the the table. Human resources ensures that the company’s working environment is highly supportive for employees to develop their skills and expanding their knowledge about the industry.

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Working for Fidelity Services Group is not just a mere corporate, office job. Employees are more than encouraged to improve their potential within the roles they take upon. With fair codes of conduct, training sessions, and performance appraisals, employees will find themselves motivated to bring out their best in the company. After all, a company can only advance if their employees are willing to do so as well.

Fidelity Services Group Job Vacancy in South Africa Requirements
Applicants who wish to apply for a Fidelity Services Job Vacancy must fulfill the list of requirements that are asked of by the selection committee. Everything in this list will be utilized by the committee to determine whether a candidate deserves the position or not.

Not meeting all of these items may not get you automatically disqualified from the registration procedure. However, by paying attention to the eligibility criteria, you will meet the company’s standards as an ideal candidate.

The Fidelity Services Group Job Vacancy Requirements are:

Clear from any criminal track records
Displays impressive interpersonal capabilities
Able to communicate in an effective manner
Puts on a customer-oriented mindset
Analyzes through complex situations through critical methods
Knows how to apply entrepreneurial knowledge
Can work independently and in a team
Able to withstand pressure in the working environment
Showcases organized planning skills
Displays leadership abilities
Has experience in being part of an organization.
Fidelity Services Group Sample Job Positions in South Africa

Security Technician
Boxroom Controller
Credit Control Manager
Office Assistant
Operations Manager
How to Apply Fidelity Services Group Job Vacancy in South Africa 2021-2022
To register for a job vacancy in Fidelity Services Group, applicants will need to access the Official Fidelity Services Group Vacancies Portal. Employment seekers can take a look at the list of available positions in the company. If you found the vacancy of your choice, simply click on it and you can check out the complete job description. Once everything is set on your end, you can directly register for the vacancy by clicking on “Apply”.

Once you have been redirected to the application page, candidates must fill in the queries with their personal information. Additionally, candidates must upload these following documents below:

Most recent Curriculum Vitae
Academic transcripts
Driver’s License
Identity Document
Passport copy
Once everything is completed, don’t forget to accept their Terms and Conditions in order to proceed with the registration.

Fidelity Services Group Contact Details
Office Location:
Head office
104C Mimosa St,
Gauteng, 17

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