African Rainbow Minerals Profile
African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) is a South African company that specializes in the field of mining and minerals.

With their solid expertise in this line of work, the company makes use of their talents to mine for several kinds of minerals, namely iron, copper, coal, gold, platinum group metals (PGMs), and lastly, platinum. ARM has a diverse mining portfolio under their belt, which comes as to no surprise. Since the start of their operations in 2004, ARM has dedicated themselves to not just maximizing their mining profit, but to continuously explore and develop the domestic mining industry.


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The company’s success is thanks to their high level of knowledge, as well as starting mining operations at a low-cost price, and still safe for their workers. At the moment, ARM has progressively produced approximately 6.7 million tons of coal each year.

About African Rainbow Minerals Learnerships 2020-2021
African Rainbow Minerals is offering learnership programmes to South African individuals who would like to attain a qualification in this line of work. Based in Mpumalanga, the African Rainbow Minerals Learnerships is provided to interested candidates who would like to attain the skills and knowledge in any of these career paths below:

Instrument Technician
Diesel Mechanic
Upon acceptance in into the African Rainbow Minerals Learnership, participants will be subject to a series of theoretical training sessions as well as practical learning sessions which will be conducted under a real-time work setting. Furthermore, participants will be entrusted with a list of responsibilities during the course of the learnership, where all of their activities must be reported to their respective senior training officers. These tasks and duties are as follows:

Complete all of the required assessments assigned by their training mentors
Commit themselves to the entire duration of the programme as agreed in the learnership contract
Be available for any possible relocation for the sake of training
Present themselves in the training site with 100% attendance
Report to their training provider at all times.

Once you have successfully finished the African Rainbow Minerals Learnership, all participants will be entitled to a working qualification which allows you to seek out chances at better employment in the future. This will ultimately transform you into a better asset in the eyes of employers.

African Rainbow Minerals Learnership Requirements
Applications for the African Rainbow Minerals Learnership are open for anyone who is passionate about the company’s field of work. However, the programme has an eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled before you can start on your registration. Each of these items will determine whether you can get accepted into the programme or not. Failure to do so may reduce your chances of success.

The African Rainbow Minerals Learnership Requirements are as follows:

Must be a matriculant with a Grade 12 qualification
Must have passed the key subjects of Matheatics and Physical Science
Be available for any extensive training under long durations
Must be willing to commit themselves to a learnership agreement
Be willing to be relocated to any areas of operations
Must be both physically and medically fit for the mining work setting (both on surface and underground)
Optional, but highly advantageous: owns an accredited N2 Qualification.
How to Apply African Rainbow Minerals Learnership 2020-2021
Applications for the African Rainbow Minerals Learnership are conducted online. To get started, all candidates must first access the Official African Rainbow Minerals Website. Once you have accessed the website online, you will need to check the availability status of the learnership. If it’s available at the time of search, you can immediately sign up for it directly o

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