General Workers / Cleaners
Qualifications and Intelligence required:

Extensive awareness of daily cleaning methods, terminal washing and cleaning equipment handling.

You must be good with Simple literacy and numeracy.

Duties of the applicant:

Responsible for cleaning tasks such as sweeping, dusting, mopping, scrubbing and polishing, deep toilet cleaning, refuse handling and maintenance of general neatness and sanitation in the city.
Perform terminal cleaning effectively in isolated areas, ICU, etc …



Hospital cleaners and government office’s cleaners needed without experience apply now

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Provide supervisor assistance with general housekeeping duties such as cleaning and household equipment supervision, linen care and control, waste management.

Ensure cleaning equipment after use is clean and stored in a secure manner. Use cleaning agents and stock as well as basic inventory control effectively. Support in-service preparation relevant to the delivery of services.

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Must be comfortable with:

Great knowledge and expertise in waste management as a cleaner in a hospital environment.
Capacity to perform physical tasks and handle heavy duty cleaning and home appliances.
Excellent health status can work with materials that are cleaned and equipment lifted.
Make a change service on weekends and public holidays, on duty day and night when necessary.
Instructions of requests:

Z83 forms (accessible from any government department or must: be completed in full, clearly represent the name of the publication position, name and date (candidates may use this as a reference), be signed, accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae, names of 3 referees and approved copies of ID, driver’s license and qualifications. For each post a different application form must be filled out.

Applications without the above are not considered. As indicated on the advertisement, applications must be forwarded to the address. No applications will be approved late, by fax or by e-mail. CV’s aren’t returning. Excess workers are having priority.

If you did not receive a Department response within 3 months of the closing date, please find your application to be unsuccessful. Candidates are supposed to be available on a date, time and location as determined by the Department for selection interviews.

Note: When applying for this post, no payment of any kind is needed. A competency check will be part of the interview process.

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About the post:

Reference Number: PSVC 3/2020.
Component: Department of Health.
Institution: Groote Schuur Hospital, Observatory.
Salary: R102 534 per annum.
Salary: Level 2.
Core Title: Health-related research and staff support.
Service benefits: 13th cheque, employer’s pension fund allocation, housing allowance and medical aid allowance. Click here for a similar job

Send applications to:
Chief Executive Officer: Groote Schuur Hospital
Private Bag X4
(Mr MS Benjamin)

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