Office: Supply Chain (PEP SA) Imports

Motivation behind THE JOB

To refresh and organize all parts of the import shipments including the making of narrative Letter of Credits and helping with the ZAR invoicing venture


Help with the ZAR invoicing venture which incorporates change of invoicing, announcing and provider correspondence

Making imports shipments and narrative Letter of Credits

Guarantee imports archives are exact on the information base preceding submitting to the clearing specialist and banks to set up narrative Letter of Credits

Follow up on all remarkable reports from the providers to dodge late clearances

Follow up on all remarkable supportive of formas and requests not delivered that are expected for shipment

Update all occasions applicable to the shipment module on MMS information base

Following of import shipments

Controlling of imports plan with all compartments docking for conveyance to the Distribution Center

Help with week by week and month-end reports

General organization obligations


Evaluation 12 with Accounting

An Imports/Exports capability would be invaluable

Significant work experience would be favorable

PC Literacy (MS Excel-Above normal)

Solid organization aptitudes – scrupulousness and exactness

Skills: Problem evaluation; Detail direction; Communication; Planning, putting together and control; Stress resistance and ready to work in a group just as freely

On the off chance that you are intrigued and meet the base prerequisites, if you don’t mind present your CV, duplicates of ID and testaments and an inward application structure (on the off chance that you are an inside competitor).

On the off chance that you don’t get with us inside about a month of the end date of this position, it would be ideal if you view your application as being ineffective.

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