About PEP Stores
PEP Stores is a company based in South Africa that primarily deals with the retail industry. Headquartered in the city of Cape Town, the establishment has had more than 50 years of experience selling a variety of household items.

These range from your usual clothing, FMCG, and even cellular products. That’s not all. PEP Stores is well-known for some of their rather niche services, which includes funeral policies, bill payments, cash-backs, and also electricity tokens.

These services are designed to provide their customers a more enjoyable, and fuss-free purchasing experience. Due to their overwhelming popularity, PEP Stores has garnered the attention of millions of customers, and has received more than 265 million transactions in total.

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Selling approximately 600 million items on an annual basis, PEP Stores is a dynamic company that actually listens to what their customers want. For example, it has come to the company’s attention that most of their sales consists of cellular handsets as well as school items. However, it is not just the customers that are bringing life into the company. PEP Stores 17,000 hardworking employees commit themselves to providing excellent customer service and to grow together as a company.

This way, PEP Stores is able to not just touch the hearts of South Africa itself, but also overseas.

About PEP Stores Internships 2021-2022
PEP Stores is offering exceptional internship programmes to talented graduates who would like to pave a future career in the South African retail industry. The PEP Stores Internships is a 12-month programme that that provides a platform for self-motivated individuals to further develop their skills before facing the real job market.

Candidates who have the urge to seek new knowledge will be guided by well-educated mentors under a real-time working environment. From here on, candidates must adapt to their newly-assigned responsibilities, and at the same time, learning greatly from the work exposure.

The PEP Stores Internships are only offered to graduates who have completed their TVET N6 Diploma. This includes finishing their 18-month theoretical assessments and an 18-month practical working session. Only by accomplishing those, future candidates can apply for the internship in any either of these listed fields below:

Human Resource Management
Clothing Production
Business Management
Sales and/or Marketing Management
Financial Management
Logistics Management
Retail Management
Supply Chain Management
PEP Stores Internship Requirements
PEP Stores is opening up these internships for a hand-selected number of applicants. In order to qualify for the programme, candidates are required to fulfill the strict eligibility criteria that is attached to this internship. Each of these items will be used by the selection committee to assess their applicants on a fair basis. Failure to do so may decrease your chances of acceptance.

The PEP Stores Internships Requirements are:

Has basic understanding in computer literacy
Displays competent leadership capabilities
Provides motivation for their members
Shows ability in managing, organizing, and controlling their workload
Makes decisions in a timely, strategic manner
Knows how to solve problems effectively
Communicates in a understanding manner
Has the drive to seek new knowledge
Displays high level of self-motivation
Can work independently and in a team
Committed to working under retail hours.

Meet the requirements above? It’s time to register for the PEP Stores Internships. Candidates must first access the Official Pep Stores Career Portal. On this page, candidates must check if the internship is accepting applications at the moment or not. This is because the availability status of several programmes differ from one time to another.

If the PEP Stores Internship is currently available, you can send


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