Instructions to Apply for Sassa occupations

Sassa is the public organization of the public authority made in April 2005 to convey social awards for the benefit of the branch of social turn of events, since 2005 Sassa began to contribute cash to youngsters who doesn’t have guardians , kids that they are guardians are not working and elderly folks individuals who are at 60 years old.

Sassa has open the positions open door for jobless individuals since the president has reported that individuals who doesn’t work they should apply for R 350 award so they can have the option to purchase nourishment for their family so Sassa need to assist with decreasing the joblessness rate that is the reason they are happy to build laborers .


grade 10 or more

have the option to impart

have the option to specialist as group

Remarkable English verbal relational abilities

The capacity to work rotational shifts, (especially night move)/Saturdays/Sundays/Public Holidays

An uplifting disposition

Compensation: R1 251 183 – R1 495 956 p.a. comprehensive of advantages

on the off chance that you do quire for this occupation you can apply now by transferring your CV with all the necessary record , this employment has diverse situation here are the position that are accessible .

Accessible position


office administrator

Security great

General specialists




on the off chance that you are intrigued on those positions you can present your CV and stand by until they react you , you don’t need to pay for any work ,

Apply here

The president reported that on the off chance that you don’t work you need to apply for R 350 , this R 350 is made for individuals who doesn’t laborer just so in the event that you need to apply for this R 350 first you should be not working that how you fit the bill for the R 350 ,the application has open for this award so you can apply for this award here

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