Eskom Learnerships are offered to class leavers and jobless people from various networks. An Eskom learnership structure part of the public authority’s National Skills Development Strategy to make aptitudes and simplicity neediness and joblessness. It is additionally important for Eskom’s human asset improvement (HRD) methodology to upgrade the nature of preparing, training, and advancement among South Africa’s childhood. You can likewise investigate our other HR Learnerships.

Eskom accomplishes this through different scholarly and aptitudes advancement programs, including learnerships. Most of these projects target recipients from recently hindered networks. Eskom’s objective is to keep up the student gauge at 12% of the faculty supplement.

Driving in improving energy asset in South Africa, Eskom attempts to ensure South Africa has equivalent power source everywhere on the nation. Presently, Eskom actually give 93% of South Africa power while the others are dealt with by different gatherings or not took care of by any stretch of the imagination. In other words, Eskom actually has the opportunity to create and it makes this organization qualified to be chosen. For the individuals who need to add to its turn of events, there are a few Eskom learnerships that can be applied. That way, it is conceivable to realize a few things identified with the manner in which Eskom works in overseeing asset – especially power – in South Africa.

Fields in Eskom Learnerships

Eskom Learnerships are not accessible without fail, and there is an exacting cutoff time identified with application. It bodes well in light of the fact that Eskom just requirements a couple of skillful individuals who can work in particular subject. By restricting individuals who can join the opposition inside Eskom, it is likewise simpler to channel skilled individuals who are keen on creating power foundation. There are learnerships at Eskom suggested for new alumni for 2020–2021 period. There are a few competitors required – still under 20 however – for filling a few situations in the organization. They are fields accessible for this reason: mechanical, Riggers, and Instrument Mechanical.

Eskom Learnerships Requirement

The prerequisite for student competitor is very scholarly. Delicate aptitudes are not basically required however they can add to talk with meeting. The prerequisite is having grade 12/N3 in math and Physical Science. Moreover, it is additionally imperative to realize that essential language for applicants should be English as Eskom is global organization.

Least Requirements

You should be a South African resident

Candidates should be in control of:

A Standard 10/Grade 12 Certificate with:

English image E or level 3 or more

Science image E or level 3 or more

Science image E or level 3 or more

Or then again

N3/NCV level 4 Engineering subjects with:

English image E or level 3 or more

Science image E or level 3 or more

Science image E or level 3 or more

Choice Tools

The accompanying choice apparatuses will be utilized in choosing appropriate candidates for the learnerships:

Historical verifications/honesty appraisals

Interest Test



Clinical Assessments

Stray pieces

Psychometric evaluations (discretionary)

Just candidates who meet all the above prerequisites will be thought about for additional choice. The yearly admission of students relies upon the quantity of learnership openings that are accessible in each monetary year.

Receipt of your online application will be recognized. In the event that you have not gotten notice to come in for a meeting inside 30 days after applications for the learnership have shut, it implies that your application was not effective.

Eskom Learnerships: Application Process

To apply for the Learnership, you should finish an application structure in your own penmanship.

You can get the “Application for Admission to a Learnership” structure from the Eskom site. An immediate connect to download it will be remembered for all notices for Eskom learnerships.

The Eskom site is

When you get onto the site, look on the top for the connection that says “Learnerships” or “Professions” and adhere to the guidelines to download the important data and the application structure

While applying for the learnership, ensure that you indicate the learnership post that you are applying (for example Eskom Learners Artisan Elec. Weighty Current)

Make a point to sign the application structure yourself

Connect confirmed duplicates of your endorsements and Identity Document (these duplicates probably been affirmed inside the most recent 3 months – you can complete this at any Police Station)

If it’s not too much trouble Note:

Application shapes that are late or unsigned won’t be acknowledged

Copied structures won’t be acknowledged

Faxed or messaged structures won’t be acknowledged

Finished application structures with all vital connected reports should be submitted according to directions on the specific learnership data or application structure.

Eskom Learnership Information

Applications for this learnership will open later in the year, typically around November or December. You can continue checking whether the learnership is open for applications yet by checking the Vacancies page on the Eskom site or on the Eskom Youth Programs interface.

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