The reason for the job is to lead and supervise the administration of all parts of the KFC eatery business. Through instructing, creating, rousing and connecting all in store representatives, make a culture to be glad for. Through ‘beat year back’ mindset you will guarantee the proceeded with development and achievement of the KFC brand by creating and conveying an advancement procedure which conveys extraordinary business results. By Driving Hospitality with Heart, guarantee that each client has an extraordinary encounter and item.

Occupation Functions:

Individuals – 30%

• All representatives comprehend the pertinence of the way of life standards to their jobs and live and inhale the standards on each move

• Utilize the KFC Bench Planning measure, viably overseeing staffing levels and enrollment guaranteeing your eatery is staffed to ideal consistently

• Actively use enlistment frameworks and apparatuses

• Rigorously follow authoritative necessities related with enrollment of workers

• Follow up with new starters guaranteeing they have restored all significant ‘New Employee’ administrative work preceding beginning their work with KFC SA

• Proactively oversee constantly all new representatives through their Induction and in store Training Timetable

• Maintain forward-thinking representative documents and preparing records for all workers

• Conduct and complete vigorous Performance Appraisals and IDP’s with all directors and representatives in accordance with the organization rules and timescales, to drive an elite culture coming up

• Proactively create colleagues and supervisors, guaranteeing a hearty ‘ability pipeline’ is set up

• Plan and encourage normal Management and Team gatherings in accordance with KFC SA’s RGM Success Routines.

• Proactively and reliably deal with all in-store Employee Relations issues, refreshing Area Coach and PCM, as fitting

• Track group nonappearance, making a move in accordance with KFC’s Code of Conduct where proper.

• All legal and friends Health, Safety and Food Hygiene guidelines should be carefully clung to consistently and remedial activity taken in a convenient way as important

• All representatives to be completely prepared ablaze systems, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and Security/Robbery strategies

• Company Security Procedures to be thoroughly continued to guarantee the security of individuals, premises, stock, gear and monies consistently

• From time to time, direct Team Member disciplinary enquiries

Client – 20%

• Create a client centered climate which is speaking to KFC’s different client base

• Rigorously complete period Compliance assessment and execute activities to guarantee goal of issues and to drive steady improvement.

• Manage all client grievances in accordance with organization strategy, heightening issues to Area Manager, where proper

• Fully agree and hold fast to RGM Success Routines

• Regularly audit Customer criticism reports, impart activity plans for execution to guarantee the café is reliably accomplishing the organization standard

• Robustly follow up on any issues emerging from Health Department reviews, plan to guarantee restorative move is made in a convenient way as required

• Utilize organization apparatuses and reports with the goal that your store reliably gives a superb degree of client care (for example prep for top, topping organizer and so forth)

Deals 30%

• Through uncommon operational principles to client assistance, reliably try to boost the deals in your café. Set and impart Bold Sales Goals to the group, endeavoring to reliably surpass deals targets

• related to the neighborhood showcasing group, talk about and execute nearby advertising exercises to enhance potential deals development

• Understand your neighborhood rivalry and increment perceivability inside the nearby local area to guarantee consciousness of any normal issues, contender action or impending occasions that may affect your business

• Build Know How of encompassing KFC cafés, sharing best practice across region and area

• Develop a solid deals culture in your store, setting colleagues and directors clear deals focuses for each move

• Manage colleague motivators and drive normal acknowledgment coming up.

• Points of offer to be modern consistently and group prepared on all new items empowering them to drive deals

Benefit – 20%

• Maximize the benefit of the eatery by understanding and controlling all café costs (for example work, food).

• Develop a methodology to amplify benefit of your café, routinely investigating and adjusting in accordance with business needs

• Accurately estimate deals and work to reflect patterns and advancements

• Accurately complete group and the board plans one month ahead of time and submit to Area Coach

• Prepare and plan for Monthly Business survey with Area Coach

• Actively use framework reports and friends instruments to ensure 100% item accessibility, exploring and following up on all errors

• Complete a vigorous monetary review month to month and impart results to Area Coach alongside Action Plan to drive improvement, where fitting

• Rigorously follow up on true monetary review activity plan finished by YUM

• Robustly and consistently audit and investigate every day, week by week and month to month desk work with specific spotlight on chief’s journal, move achievement schedules book and sanitation the executives framework

• All Management organizers to be kept up in accordance with progress schedules


• Deputize for Area Coach if and when required

• Provide uphold for KFC cafés inside your region, as required

• Attend Area Meetings

• Attend RGM ‘Round Tables’, if and when required

• Manage new item move outs

• Involvement in Area/Regional Projects, if and when required

• Act as a minister of KFC at local area/business occasions

• Embrace and implant new or potentially changes to KFC SA/YUM! frameworks and cycles

• Search for ability outside the KFC Equity business and raise CVs and so on to Area mentor and HRBP

• Prepare and present Business results at semiannual RGM Stewardships

• once in a while, go about as MOD (Manager on Duty) in the café


• Completed Matric Certificate

• Post matric capability (Diploma in Retail/Hospitality/Business Management)

• Minimum 3 years Managment experience

Different abilities required:

• Previous eatery or comparative experience

• Previous experience of dealing with an assorted labor force Commercial Awareness Understanding of P&L

• Demonstrates solid Sales Focus

• Coaching Basic HR/IR information (disciplinary/complaint measure)

• Strong Customer Orientation

• Strong Communication abilities, at all levels

• Presentation Skills

• A history of creating individuals

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