About Mafoko Security

Mafoko Security patrols is owned and managed by Erasmus Nare, Tsepang Nare and Tumelo Mamadi. The company is currently operating in all the 9 Provinces of Southern Africa. The company is able to deliver service excellence when it comes to physical guarding and armed reaction. The company has many years’ experience in the security industry. Mafoko Security strives to cultivate a prosperous working environment in terms of skills development, motivation and loyalty; we are obsessed with performance measurement.

Our Vision

Mafoko Security Patrols (Pty) Ltd is a registered private limited company whose vision is to attain a leading edge in commercial and residential security sector markets as well as electronical security systems.

Our Mission

– To insure safety and protection to civic and business communities.
– To provide excellent service to the community
– Minimize crime in communities.
– To encourage community participation in combating crime in South Africa.
– To build strategic networks and relationships with various stakeholders so as to promote an integrated delivery of security services.

Crime Prevention Strategy
– We ensure high visibility at all times.
– Control all the exits and entrance of our clients’ premises.
– Searches vehicle and people for the safety of the premises
– Effective patrols safety of our clients vehicles
– Communicate regularly with safety and security to communicate safety needs
– Uses cards system to identity staff and our clients.
– Report removes opportunities for criminal that may lead the commission of crime

Quality Monitoring Procedures
Mafoko Security patrols is SASSETA accredited, accreditation number: 111999691976 Mafoko Security patrols also owns Winyfield training college which is Psira registered, Psira Training number: 627065/T89

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