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Parmalat is the one of the greatest organization in South Africa , parmalat is a dairy and food partnership which is an auxiliary of french worldwide organization it produce milk and dairy items ,natural product juice , this organization has chosen to develop so that is the reason they need to build occupations opportunity , and furthermore roll out so enormous improvement in the nation by diminishing the joblessness rate in the nation this will help the vast majority in South Africa on the grounds that during this time lion’s share of individuals lost they are positions and furthermore lost their home so this chance will be the best chance, parmalat organization is happy to enlist in excess of 1000 individuals.

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in the event that you are likewise an understudy and you need to work you can likewise go after low maintenance job , is feasible for youngsters to make their are future so on the off chance that you truly need to work at parmalat you can likewise apply and begin work if with or without capability , additionally you need to do your temporary position you can likewise apply for parmalat temporary jobs there are part of entry level positions at parmalat you should simply to apply for it

Parmalat is additionally offering bursaries in the event that you wan to apply for bursaries you can likewise apply for parmalat bursaries all you require is to transfer your ID, your folks ID , or your watchman ID and your evaluation 11 or 12 outcome or your college result that is all they need to acknowledge your application

Here are the accompanying necessity

Evaluation 10 or more


code 10 or 14

ready to utilize PC

ready to stay at work past 40 hours

have 1 year experience

in the event that you are intrigued on this work you can apply by transferring your CV likewise when you are apply pick the position that you are going after here are accessible job

General specialist

Security fantastic

Office Admin



packer and picker




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