Area: 3 Theunissen, 2 Winburg, 2 Brandfort And 2 Verkeerdevlei

Portrayal: Masilonyana Local Municipality has 9 X Sewer Maintenance General Worker positions.


Evaluation 10

The occupant will be relied upon to have an essential peruse and compose ability in the execution of their obligation;

Relational abilities

No fundamental Experience

Key Responsibilities:

Accepting guidelines/direction from the Artisan and takes care of the readiness of work site. (for example setting street signage, stacking/offloading gear, apparatuses, and so on) and additionally attaching slings/ropes and controlling/holding material/hardware during the stacking/offloading grouping;

Offering help to the Plumbing Assistant and Artisan during the separating of work territory/site holding estimating tapes and embeddings level markers;

Exhuming and inlaying channels to characterized levels utilizing hand held instruments (erg spade, picks, and so on);

Getting ready essential amounts of materials (for example solid, mortar, and so forth) and continues with blending arrangements;

Laying pipes or potentially laying and compacting concrete blends and soil to fortify designs utilizing hand held instruments (for example hand-stamper, spade and so on);

Cleaning and eliminating blockages, trash and outsider vegetation from seepage frameworks (sewer vents, pipes, channels, and so on) utilizing hand held apparatuses (for example cleaning poles, spade and so on);

Help with introducing valves and tapes;

Help to disperse notification to people in general in instances of crises;

Eliminating and washing off trash from instruments and hardware;

Putting and stacking apparatuses/hardware in the vehicle, noticing groupings and techniques supporting safe travel;

Eliminating trash/rubble, and so forth and cleaning worksites;

Convey notification to the Public in instances of crises;

Should be set up to enter restricted regions, for example, sewer vents, deltas, lines and ducts.

Enquiries can be coordinated to the Human Manager, Mr G. Tjolo at 057-403 5140 during available time.

Other than the compensation that is offered, the region will likewise contribute towards benefits asset and clinical guide commitments under specific conditions.

The district further likewise give lodging appropriation under certain condition and in accordance with the Collective Agreement as might be corrected occasionally.

Intrigued reasonable qualified and experienced people can present their applications and point by point CV’s with ensured duplicates of their capabilities to the accompanying location: Municipal Manager PO Box 8, Theunissen, 9410, or applications can be hand conveyed at Municipal workplaces in Theunissen, Brandfort, Winburg and Verkeerdevlei.

No messages, faxes or late entries will be acknowledged.

NB: Applicants should take note of that should they not get input following 3 months from the end date that their applications were not fruitful.

The district holds the privilege not to select.

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