Application measure

Through our inventive methodology in UFLP Digital Selection we will enroll the absolute best youthful ability for the future utilizing gamification, video interviews and large information to give us profound understanding into possibility to settle on the best recruiting choices in a VUCA world.

Better recruiting choices will assist us with multiplying our business, diminish our natural impression and become the No.1 Employer of Choice in 50 business sectors by 2020.

In contrast to other alumni scouts in this exceptionally serious market, we will offer a spearheading, fast, straightforward and drawing in advanced choice experience focussed on the applicant with input at each stage to assist both the effective and fruitless up-and-comer with developing and gain from the choice excursion with us. The experience is two-way and offers up-and-comers the chance to study working with Unilever while enrollment specialists are upheld by solid and strong information prompting better competitors in the last.

Application measure rundown

1. Online application

Complete the online application structure. It is a basic and simple cycle, with the fast choice of rounding out close to home subtleties utilizing your LinkedIn profile. You may just apply to one capacity in your application and the sorts of capacities accessible fluctuates as indicated by every area.

2. Profile evaluation

Play 12 short web based games that take a gander at various components of your intellectual, enthusiastic and social qualities, which structure part of your profile evaluation. These will assist with assessing your degree of fit for the UFLP, just as the appropriate capacity for you. You will get customized criticism subsequent to finishing the games.

3. Advanced meeting

You will be approached to take care of genuine issues utilizing Unilever situations, allowing you the to become familiar with our organization culture and the manner in which we work together.

The computerized meeting will be part into two segments, which comprises of three short speculative inquiries, trailed by a business case. You’ll have the option to record and finish your meeting whenever (up until a cutoff time we’ll set) and anyplace, whichever suits you best. All you require is a PC, webcam or potentially cell phone, and in particular, a decent and stable web association.

These activities are planned around a genuine business contextual analysis, empowering us to survey your latent capacity, while giving you a further understanding into what it resembles to work in Unilever.

Application help

You can accelerate your application by having a state-of-the-art LinkedIn profile. Follow these tips for additional on the most proficient method to make the most amazing aspect your application to Unilever’s Future Leaders Program.

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