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Established in 1923, Eskom is an organization in South Africa that runs in power public utility. This organization has been working for almost a century in South Africa and it has had its incredible standing in the country. It is on the grounds that they have helped the economy of the country and they have likewise given Eskom learnership.

This nation has contributed a major effect for the development of the experts. They have offered learnerships and furthermore temporary positions for the individuals who wish to have their abilities improved and created.

On the off chance that you wish to be the fortunate one who got the learnerships, you need to continue perusing to discover the detail data.

eskom learnership

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About Eskom

Eskom Learnership Program

Eskom Learnership General Requirements

Eskom Artisan Bricklaying Learnership

The Application Process of Eskom Learnership

Applications Assessment

Opening and Closing Date


About Eskom

Eskom is an organization in South Africa that produces for about 45% power utilized in the country and 95% in South Africa. They have been the organization that produces, sends, and furthermore disperses the power to every business utilization and furthermore home uses.

In any case, despite the fact that they have indicated incredible improvement for the development of the country, they don’t quit improving. They need to be one of the organizations who uphold the young people in having better nature of schooling.

One of the manners in which they took is by giving the Eskom learnership. As they need more experts give better quality and administrations, they offer learnerships every year. Hence, the quantity of the candidates in South Africa who look for the learnerships continue soaring occasionally.

Eskom Learnership Program

For the individuals who got some information about Eskom learnership, you need to realize that this learnership is given to the individuals who have moved on from senior secondary school. It is additionally workable for the people who are jobless.

It is done dependent on the National Skills Development Strategy gave by the public authority to diminish neediness and furthermore joblessness. Accordingly, this learnership is extended to the individuals who right now have no employment opportunity. Additionally, Eskom likewise needs to improve the instructive level and youth advancement in South Africa.

Moreover, Eskom gives learnership freedoms to in excess of 2000 youth by offering a wide reach program every year. The absolute most loved projects by Eskom are Welding, Electrical, Mechanical, Control and Instrumentation, Heat Pumps, Fitting and Turning, and furthermore Administrative. Nonetheless, there are some different projects that the students can take and apply for their future vocation.

As Eskom has just had incredible standing, there are a ton of tertiary understudies who picked this organization as the best work environment. Plus, they will actually want to gain proficiency with a great deal of things in this organization.

Eskom Learnership General Requirements

As the opposition is getting tight and severe, individuals need to have something else and better than different candidates. At the point when they have fortes that others don’t, the organization will most likely give the proposal to you.

The overall necessity to go after this position are the citizenship of the candidates ought to be South African. For the instructive foundations, the candidates ought to have had a few authentications to finish. They are an evaluation 12 testament or N3/NCV level 4 Engineering.

You need to have the English image E with the base of level 3, Science and furthermore Maths image E with the base of level 3. At times understudies set aside the significance of learning the subjects of English, Science, and furthermore Maths.

The candidates ought to learn, have direction identified with objectives, and furthermore have significant degree of inspiration. They ought to have enthusiastic versatility, self-control, obligation, and furthermore specialized learning capacity. Accordingly, except if you feel that you have abilities to meet all the prerequisites, you will get no opportunity to land the position.

Eskom Artisan Bricklaying Learnership

One of the accessible learnership in Eskom that the students can apply is Eskom craftsman bricklaying learnership. This learnership is obviously a sort of realizing which depends on the agreement between the business, student, and furthermore specialist co-op. In the event that you break the agreement, you will manage punishment.

As this learnership will keep going for a very long time, the candidates are would have liked to have better capability, result, and furthermore abilities when they have completed the learnership. They ought to have the option to have the essential for starting their own business or pick further profession later on.

Moreover, the candidates will have better obligations to work either independently or in a gathering. They will actually want to lead their subordinates to arrive at better results. For this particular learnership, the necessities are unique in relation to the overall prerequisites.

The capabilities of this particular learnership are grade 12 (specialized or scholastic) with Maths and Science and grade 10 (specialized or scholarly) with N2 including Maths, Science, Trade Theory and furthermore Drawings. It would be more beneficial when you have significant NCV 4 capability.

By and large, there are some key duties that the candidates ought to have. They are requested to have the option to play out the actual work. Some specialized ideas ought to be seen appropriately to do all the errands expertly and impeccably.

The Application Process of Eskom Learnership

During the application interaction, there are numerous things that you need to guarantee its consummation. How to apply for this learnership? Most importantly, you need to get the application structure to download. You can get this Application for Admission to a Learnership structure in the Eskom official site in www.eskom.co.za.

At the point when you have gotten to the site, you need to discover the connection at the highest point of the site in the class of Careers or Learnerships. The application structure will be consequently downloaded.

On the off chance that you are rounding out the type of this learnership, you need to ensure that you have determined the learnerships post you apply. For instance, when you pick Eskom Learners Artisan Electricity Heavy Current, you need to pick this learnership post in your structure.

The application structures and the ensured duplicates are likewise critical to append. In this way, it is fundamental not to miss appending them. For your data, the confirmed archives ought to be the reports which have been guaranteed inside the most recent 3 months.

Notwithstanding, the application structures which are late, fragmented, or unsigned will get no opportunity to land the position. You ought to try not to utilize copied frames as well. During the accommodation of the applications, you ought to never submit it by fax or through email.

Applications Assessment

There are some determination devices that Eskom utilizes to pick the appropriate candidates. They are the historical verifications (instructive foundation), interest test, and furthermore clinical evaluation. Besides, the candidates will likewise experience a few meetings, lego, stray pieces, and furthermore psychometric appraisal.

A few people say that it is difficult to get the learnerships since the evaluation is very high. Accordingly, just the individuals who have met all the prerequisites will find the opportunity to get the learnerships.

Nonetheless, the absolute number of the students is generally founded on the accessible chances. In the event that you’re not reached to do the meeting inside a month, it is guaranteed that you’re not acknowledged for the work. As such, the applications you have submitted weren’t fruitful.

Opening and Closing Date

At the point when you wish to apply for Eskom learnership, you need to know when the opening and shutting time. Eskom learnerships are normally accessible toward the year’s end, around November or December.

As a proposal, it would be better for the candidates to check the learnerships classification in the authority site. Most likely in the opportunities page, there aren’t any accessible learnerships. Hence, the candidates should check the site every once in a while.

For the candidates, you have numerous choices accessible to pick as Eskom has different learnerships. You need to figure out which learnerships that you are applying for. After that you need to adhere to all the directions to finish the accommodation. Except if you have picked the learnerships post yet you have completed the accommodation, you will likewise get no opportunity to get the learnerships.


All in all, Eskom is one of the famous organizations in South Africa that concentrations in power. They have been one of the compelling organizations that encourages youth in developing and having better instructive level. It is meant to diminish the pace of joblessness and furthermore neediness.

In association with that, Eskom has given large number of learnerships in different program for the individuals who wish to take an interest. Thusly, it is exceptionally trusted that the adolescent can improve their capability, abilities, and furthermore capacities identified with power.

The opening and shutting date of the learnerships are ordinarily around November and December. Hence, on the off chance that you truly need to get the learnerships, it is smarter to get yourself arranged and check the sites occasionally. As they don’t give warnings in cutting edge, you can discover the data on yourself.

There are a few different ways to finish the accommodation of the application structure. To start with, you need to download the application and complete rounding out. At that point, you ought to try not to utilize the copied and fragmented structure. Most recent accessible Eskom learnership will be reported

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