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NOTE : The notice (s) contained in this is/are intended for the consideration/examination from all interest work searchers whether they are serving representatives/authorities of the DOD/Public Service, jobless people or people utilized external the Public Service. Individual not utilized by the DOD/Public Services are urged to apply for the opening promoted in this round. The notice (s) contained thus is/are intended for the consideration/examination from all interest work searchers whether they are serving representatives/authorities of the DOD/Public Service, jobless people or people utilized external the Public Service. Individual not utilized by the DOD/Public Services are urged to apply for the opening publicized in this roundabout. Applications should be submitted on the recommended structure Z83 (possible from any Public Service division), which should be initially marked and dated by the candidate and which should be joined by a nitty gritty CV (with full points of interest of the candidates’ preparation, capabilities, skills, information, experience and so forth) and all necessary records connected should be guaranteed a genuine duplicate and should be dated.

Confirmation should not be more established than a half year at the end date of the advert. (for example Instructive capabilities, ID Copy and Driver s permit). Non-RSA Citizens/Permanent Resident Permit Holders should connect a duplicate of their lasting home grants to their applications. Should you be in control of an unfamiliar qualification(s), it should be joined by an assessment endorsement from the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). All applications got subsequent to shutting date won’t be thought of. Inability to follow the above directions will bring about applications being precluded. Should an application be gotten where a candidate applying for more than one post should present a different structure Z83 (just as the documentation referenced above) in regard of each post being applied for. In the event that a candidate wishes to pull out an application it should be done recorded as a hard copy. On the off chance that a candidate applies for more than one post on similar applications structure, the application might be considered for the principal post demonstrated on the application and not for any of different posts. The effective competitors will be exposed to Personnel Suitability Checks (criminal record-, citizenship-and monetary/resource record checks and capability and work confirmation). Fruitful up-and-comers will likewise be exposed to exceptional status measures.

Likely up-and-comers, pronounced in abundance should show their overabundance status on Z83, Applicants who don’t get affirmation or criticism inside 3 (a quarter of a year) after the end date, kindly consider your application ineffective. Because of the enormous volume of reactions foreseen, receipt of utilizations won’t be recognized and correspondence will be restricted to short-recorded competitors as it were. For more data at work description(s) kindly contact the individual demonstrated in the post subtleties. Effective applicants will be delegated waiting on the post trial process for the time of twelve a year with respect to the recommended runs and will be relied upon to consent to an exhibition arrangement. The Department saves the privilege not to make appointment(s) to the promoted post(s).

Different POSTS


Money Management Division

Boss Directorate: Budget Management: Sub-directorate: SA Army

Candidates who recently applied for this post must re-apply

Compensation : R733 257 for every annum (Level 11) (comprehensive compensation bundle)

Focus : Pretoria

Necessities : Minimum prerequisites: Grade 12 testament in addition to a long term B Degree or National Diploma in Finance/Accounting. At least five (5) year’s Budget Management experience of which three years should be on an Assistant Director or identical level. Information: working information on assessing, planning, consumption control, income the executives and the approach, methodology and cycles with respect to spending the board in the Public Service/Private Sector. Inside and out information on and capacity to get ready and lead successful choice briefs and introductions to leader specialists. An intensive working information on the monetary cycles of the Public Service/Private Sector. Capable in monetary administrative structures in the Public/Private Sector, expanded with sound working information on obtaining/acquisition arrangements, cycle and systems. Best practice spending the board abilities, including the drafting and accommodation of choices briefs, assessments of use and income, income plans, introductions to and for customers, and giving sound monetary counsel to customers to guarantee educated choices. Capacities: Able to comprehend and decipher monetary prescripts of the Public Service. Ready to compose and viably apply spending strategy. Capacity to apply anticipating models. Capacity to both lead a group and work as a feature of a group. Exactness and an eye for detail. Capacity: Demonstrate ability to decipher higher request spending rules and convert to program rules, exchange abilities, project the board abilities and PC education. Guarantee, upgrade and apply the departmental arrangement of monetary administration and inward control comprehensive of spending readiness, spending control, announcing and monetary unfortunate behavior the executives. Brilliant insightful and mathematical capacities, especially with respect to the monetary administration of multi-year securing projects, arbitration of undertaking entries and anticipating models. Shown capacity to compose projects to separate administration data from a focal information storehouse customers announcing/data necessities. Passionate knowledge for issue the executives, reacting fittingly under troublesome circumstances towards senior and military faculty, arrange and manage customer’s productively while working with practically no immediate oversight. Certain, deferential and articulate relational abilities (verbal, composed and visual) with great listening abilities and a receptive outlook to investigate or proposals.

Obligations : Managing of the SA Army key monetary administration arranging and planning measure. Arbitrating of the monetary choices and exchanges comparable to their monetary exclusive, consistency, esteem for cash and offer. Giving the essential headings to the foundation and proceeded with upgrade of the monetary control framework inside the SA Army guaranteeing that the connected interior control frameworks are set up identified with use and income the executives. Keeping up spending control cycles to guarantee monetary exclusive, routineness, esteem for cash and incentive for recommendation in every monetary endorsement. Facilitate and offer the monetary help needed to authoritative the spending control measure identified with consumption and income the executives. Create and guarantee the provisioning of a monetary detailing framework inside the SA Army. Give monetary administration counsel to the essential administration course inside the SA Army with respect to monetary choices and exchange for both use and income the executives. Regulate the assemblage of cases and report on all zones of income assortment. Organize the controlling of the framework identified with the administration of monetary offense occurrences in the SA Army. Assess the inside control frameworks as to monetary administration dangers and consistence. The board of the monetary assignments inside the SA Army. Accumulate the danger the board plan identified with the monetary Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Think about monetary administration ideas and standards inside the arrangement climate. Arrange the Auditor General South Africa (AGSA) and interior review measure identified with monetary administration matters inside the SA Army. Giving the significant monetary administration contemplations into the dynamic cycle of the SA Army. Controlling of the assigned assets. Coordinating of the spending the executives administration in the help or division. Keeping up of spending the board capacity. Keep a very much controlled Budget Management (BM) Human Resource (HR) parts. Backing spending the board capacity. Supervise consistence to the word related wellbeing and security guidelines inside distributed offices.


APPLICATIONS : Application might be submitted electronically by means of email to: Kindly use reference number not post number.

NOTE : Finance Management Division is guided by the standard of Employment Equity Act; thusly, all the arrangements will be made as per the Employment Equity focus of the Division. Inclination will be given to African guys, Africans females, Colored females, Colored guys and People with handicap.


Money Management Division

Directorate: Finance Control Service

Sub-directorate: Losses and Claims Management

Candidates who recently applied for this post must re-apply

Compensation : R733 257 for each annum (Level 11) (comprehensive compensation bundle)

Focus : Pretoria

Necessities : Minimum prerequisites: Grade 12 authentication in addition to a long term B Degree/National Diploma in Financial Management with at least five (5) a long time’s important experience of which three (3) a long time should be on an Assistant Director or comparable level in lawful cycles identifying with claims against and for the State, misfortunes and harms. Sound information on monetary and legitimate cycles. Capacity to successfully and effectively decipher and apply all Acts and lawful notification just as strategies and guidelines. Logical and inventive reasoning capacity.

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