The South African Police Service hereby invitations unemployed graduates who conform to the necessities for a twelve (12) months Graduate Recruitment Scheme at National Head: Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations (DPCI). The Graduate Recruitment Scheme is section of the National Human Resource Development Strategy and the National Skills
Development Strategy.

Generic requirements:

Be a South African citizen
Must be in possession of National Senior Certificate or equal (NCV L4)
Must have no preceding crook conviction(s) or case(s) pending
Applicants should be unemployed, by no means employed in discipline of the marketed publish and in no way participated in an internship programme in the applicable discipline of the post

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Applicants should be residents of the Province the place the put up is marketed (proof of residential tackle to be attached)
Applicants are restrained to observe for solely three (3) posts and whole a separate software structure for every publish reference number.
Intern classes with minimal requirements:

Graduate Intern: Tertiary Qualification is required

The following posts are marketed for consideration in phrases of the Graduate Recruitment Scheme in the South African Police Service.

Graduate [x3]
Section: Cyber Crime Investigation

Location: Pretoria, DPCI, Gauteng

Ref No: DPCI INT 1 / 2021

Additional Requirements:

Diploma / Bachelor’s diploma in Information Technology recorded on the National Learner Record Database (NLRD) on at least NQF 6 or greater level.
Core Functions:

Analysing pc systems
Recovering data
Gathering laptop / digital evidence
Processing crime scenes
Conducting interviews with victims, suspects and witnesses
Fusing pc community assault analyses with crook and counter Genius investigations and operations
Identifying factors proving a crime occurred
Recovering archives and inspecting them for information.
Graduate [x3]
Section: Financial Investigation

Location: Germiston, DPCI Gauteng

Ref No: DPCI INT two / 2021

Additional Requirements:

Diploma / Bachelor’s diploma in Internal Audit or Accounting recorded on the National Learner Record Database (NLRD) on at least NQF 6 or greater level.
Core Functions:

Conduct of economic evaluation pertaining to monetary investigation
Analyse financial institution statements the usage of excel
Analyse monetary reports
Identify trends, modus operandi and pink flags on financial institution statements analysed
Preparing spreadsheets, graphs and chats to assist illustrate monetary trends
Prepare, evaluate a range of complicated monetary data
Compile element declaration of investigation performed with monetary findings
Liaise with economic investigators
Presenting monetary evaluation findings to the Commander.
Graduate [x3]
Section: Forensic Audit

Location: Pietermaritzburg, DPCI KwaZulu-Natal

Ref No: DPCI INT three / 2021

Additional Requirements:

B Comm in Forensic Auditing recorded on the National Learner Record Database (NLRD) on at least NQF 6 or greater level.
Core Functions:

Assist in examination and assessment of the corporation or individual’s monetary records
Identifying what fraud, if any, is being carried out
Determining the duration in the course of which the fraud occurred
Discovering how the fraud used to be concealed
Naming the perpetrators of the fraud
Quantifying the loss suffered as a end result of the fraud
Gathering applicable proof that is admissible in court
Suggesting measures to stop such frauds from taking place in the future.
Graduate [x2]
Section: Digital Forensic Investigation

Location: Pietermaritzburg PCSI, DPCI KwaZulu-Natal

Ref No: DPCI INT four / 2021


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