It has been reported that on Thursday 28 October 2020 the national student financial aid scheme will have a meeting pertaining its funding for 2022 academic year. The briefing is also going to look at the changes that have been implemented on the NSFAS portal. They are also going to share the dates on which the funding will open and close. Some of the people who are going to be part of the briefing include the Minister of Higher Education and training ,science and innovation Bladd Nzimande as well as Ernest Khosa who is NSFAS Board Chairperson. Minister Nzimande paid a visit to NSFAS head quarters in Cape town wherd he was looking at the progress made so far regarding the 2022 online application system process.

During his visit there he had this to say “I am quite confident from the demonstration I have seen, that we are ready to open the 2022 online application for eligible students.”

ALSO APPLY NSFAS 2022 Application Requirements

Mr Khosa also chipped in and gave his two cents in which he was sharing how confident he was that the scheme will play an intergral role in assisting students if they happen to face any challenges with the online system.
“We appreciate the confidence and the support the new NSFAS Board and management is receiving from the Minister. Our team has demonstrated to the Minister all the stages each application will go through when submitted by an applicant.

We were able to assure the Minister that we are much better prepared to deal with any challenges that may come,” said Khosa.


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