SAPS to recruit 10 000 police officers in new financial year
This was revealed by Police Deputy Minister Cassel Mathale in Parliament on Wednesday.

Mathale said although there was limited capacity to accommodate the new rookies within the SAPS training installations, there were conversations with Defence Minister Thandi Modise on the possibility of utilising the dogface’s installations.
“ We’re surely going to increase SAPS help. We do n’t want to produce a problem by creating another problem,” he said.
Mathale made the statement when he was responding to DA MP Andrew Whitfield who asked why the budget of the Personality police wasn’t slashed to insure there were further police in the frontal line.

Whitfield had noted that the budget cuts had eviscerated the visible policing programme, which was about crime forestallment, while the Personality budget has increased over the times.
“ Poor budgeting and slanted precedences have led to ruinous consequence for frontal- line policing, leading to further crime and instability in our country,” he said,
.Whitfield had also said the fixed SAPS help had dropped from 194 000 to 182 000 with at least 32 000 officers lost since2016/17 and that the protuberance was that it would dip to 163 000 in2023/24.

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Mathale noted that the SAPS were unfit to take a new input in the2020/21.
He said they conceded that there was a deficit and that there was a need to increase the police help.
“ We’ve taken a decision to enrol 3 000 input-2 000 from public service within SAPS and 1000 from the reservists,” he said about the input in2021/22.

Mathale also said they would attack the deficit of the police help head on.
“ We’re to face this problem face on and with the support from National Treasury we will be suitable to take an input of 10 000 in the coming fiscal time,” he said.
Mathale revealed that a total number of 7 519 rookies have been trained and 7 360 employed by the SAPS since January 2019.
He said a aggregate of 15 943 officers have left the police force.

Still, when asked about the 2019 report of the Civilian Secretariat of the Police that 60 of the officers did the factual policing work when 40 were in services, Mathale said the issue of the police- citizen rate was commodity they were seized with.

He said the Civilian Secretariat of the Police has been commanded to do a relative study with other countries to look at best practices so that South Africa can standard herself on portion that was balanced and enabled the police to carry their liabilities.
“ Of course, it’s correct that over the times the number of police has declined and that’s why we took a decision in 2019 that on a monthly base we’ve an input of 5 000 trainees.”
He claimed that in the coming fiscal time there would be a 10 000 input, “ but this is possible with the support of the National Treasury as we will need fresh backing”.

Mathale also said there was a need for a lesser chance of the police versus the citizens compared to the current situation on the ground.
Meanwhile, Mathale said the police have learnt their assignments from the July uneasiness and were ready for the possibility of what might be.
“ We’re relatively certain that we will be suitable to respond should commodity like this be when we were unfit to respond preliminarily,” he said.
He said if there was a need to emplace services to KwaZulu-Natal from other businesses it would be done.

IFP principal Narend Singh had asked whether they would be ready for reports about sacking in Durban and Pietermaritzburg over the weekend after the police were understaffed and the intelligence weakened in July.

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