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Eskom is a public mileage company in South Africa that’s presently one of the leading electricity providers. Innovated as Electricity Supply Commission (ESCOM) in 1923 as per the Electricity Act, it’s generating nearly 95 of South Africa’s electricity.

The company has a number of power shops, including the Koeberg nuclear power station and Kendal power station. The ultimate is the largest coal-powered electricity generation factory in Africa and the 22nd largest in the world. Eskom is also a intimately- traded company and listed in JSE as BIESKM.

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Eskom Bursaries 2022

Eskom is offering bursaries to a certain number of scholars every time in the field of engineering. This is to encourage further scholars to take up the engineering aqueducts and realise their full eventuality. Besides that, the bursary programme is also an attempt to ameliorate the South African labor request. The sector is evergreen, bright, and growing. Further professed professionals would be demanded in the future.

For the academic session 2022, Eskom will award bursaries in the field of electrical engineering. It’s open to both University and University of Technology scholars.
There are 50 bursaries for University scholars who are pursuing either a BEng or BSc degree in Electrical Engineering.

For University of Technology scholars pursuing a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering, there are 35 bursaries in aggregate.

The value of the bursary will depend on the course freights and other charges. Grounded on the estimate, Eskom will give the backing.

Eligibility Criteria For The Eskom Bursary

There are specific eligibility criteria for the Eskom bursary programme. Scholars applying for the backing must fulfill all of them to be considered. Failing to meet any of the conditions will affect in the immediate cancellation of your operation. Thus, alwayscross-check with the below criteria before applying.

Conditions for University Students

Must be a South African citizen

Must have completed Matriculation in 2021

Mustn’t be pursuing a qualification at a tertiary institution in South Africa or abroad

Must have been formally accepted into a recognised university in South Africa to pursue a BEng or BSc degree

Must have secured at least a position 4 for English in Grade 11 in the time 2020

Must have achieved at least a position 5 for Pure Mathematics and Pure Physical Wisdom in Grade 11

Mustn’t be entering backing from other bursary or education programme

The conditions for University of Technology scholars are

Must be a South African citizen

Must have completed Matriculation in 2021

Mustn’t be presently studying at a tertiary institution

Must have entered an admission offer to study at a University of Technology and pursue a National Diploma

Must have secured at least a position 4 in English, Pure Mathematics, and Pure Physical Wisdom in Grade 11 in 2020
Mustn’t be entering backing from other bursary programme

For the bursary, scholars with disabilities will be preferred over other aspirants. Also, scholars from underrepresented designated groups will also get precedence.

How to Apply For The Eskom Bursary?

Still, consider applying for the Eskom Bursaries 2022, If you fulfill all of the eligibility conditions. Follow the operation process below for this purpose.
The first step is to complete the online operation form available for the bursary. There are separate forms for University and University of Technology scholars.

University scholars are anticipated to complete this form Eskom Bursary Application 2022 For University Students

While University of Technology scholars are anticipated to fill out this form Eskom Bursary Application 2022 For University of Technology Students
The forms will ask you specific details about yourself, your contact details, and academic details. Read through the instructions before filling in the details.

Documents Needed

The coming step is to prepare the documents necessary for this bursary. These are needed for verification purposes and to further reuse your operation. Failing to submit these will affect in cancellation. Then are the forms you ’d have to upload to the online operation portal

ID documents ( certified clones)
Grade 11 final results ( certified clones)

Most recent Matric results ( certified clones)

Evidence of acceptance into a University or University of Technology (must be on institution letterhead)

Review your operation one last time and submit it.

Ending Date Of The Eskom Bursary

The Eskom Bursaries 2022 is presently open, and the last date to apply for it’s 19 November 2021
Contact Details Of The Bursary

For further details on the bursary programme, you can communicate Eskom at

Dispatch –MabiseEM22@eskom.co.za

Still, please don’t make any queries if the bursary is closed, If the bursary has formerly been closed. View our other bursaries

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