The University of South Africa is the nation’s biggest and most honored stronghold of literacy. UNISA Nursing Programs, just like all the other programs offered by the University are in- depth and thorough, giving scholars further than the face knowledge of their chosen disciplines so that they’ve a solid foundation upon which to make glowing careers for themselves.

Veritably many Nursing options are available at UNISA; the academy substantially offers its tutoring via long- distance channels. You want to snare what openings you get to study nursing at UNISA because the academy opens doors of openings for its scholars.

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The following are UNISA nursing courses, as well as information about what you need to know about them.

UNISA Nursing Courses 2022 List & Admission Conditions

Bachelorette Of Trades In Nursing Program

Program Purpose Statement

The purpose of this program and the qualification it entails is to help scholars to acquire chops, knowledge, and experience to work as nursing professionals where they will be suitable to break problems, give care, and give professional communication by working in a platoon and collectively. This program will also empower scholars to manage administration, including fiscal administration, give organisational support in a health care proving installation of terrain, and exercise ethical conduct, values, and professionalism when dealing with cases or guests. Qualifying scholars can thus contribute to effective organisational communication and the overall quality of healthcare delivery communication in the public and private spheres.

This training and qualification will be presented via distance literacy mode.


Scholars must, with every enrollment for this Bachelorette of Trades in Nursing program, submit their Annual Practising Certificate which is issued by the South African Nursing Council (SANC). You must register with the SANC. Do so now if you haven’t formerly. Foreign scholars may register with the Nursing Authority in the applicable country).

Your enrollment must indicate general nanny and midwife. Scholars who aren’t registered as a midwife may only register for the BA ( Dastard)-HHS.

This program isn’t open to those with original qualifications. Neither an enrolled nanny nor an supplementary nanny may register for this qualification. The ENN103F program has lately been replaced by ENG1503. This program isn’t open to scholars who have formerly passed ENN103F.

This Qualification is offered until 2026 and is ONLY for scholars preliminarily registered for this qualification.

Who can register?

Aspirants may only register for this course after they’ve entered evidence from Unisa that their operation for admission has been accepted. Unisa reserves the right to refuse entry, or not to reuse and/ or to cancel any enrollment if it’s plant that the aspirants have inaptly admitted to a qualification. Admission to the indispensable qualification isn’t automatic; operations will be successful depending on whether the aspirant complies with admission conditions and if space is available.

Returning scholars may register for the 2021 academic time incontinently after the enrollment period opens.

Unisa Bridging Course for Nursing

At the University of South Africa, you can study for a Parchment in Nursing Education as a bridging course to help you place yourself to earn a Bachelorette of Wisdom in Nursing degree if you presently don’t meet the conditions to enter the course directly. With this program you can anticipate to be predicated in general health wisdom, and also admit rudimentary training in nursing. Please be informed that the end of this course isn’t to put you in a working terrain, but to prepare you for a rigorous training governance when you eventually do enroll for the Bachelor’s degree in Nursing program.


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