2000 job openings available for youthful jobless graduates at the Department of Home Affairs.

DEADLINE 15 September 2022
Reclamation of Young Unemployed Graduates for the design on Digitization of Department of Home Affairs Civic Paper Records
The Department of Home Affairs,( DHA) as the custodian of the National Population Register( NPR) in the Republic of South Africa, has a accreditation and purpose to insure secure, effective and accessible services and documents for citizens and legal residers. This entails the methodical conservation of the National Population Register( NPR) including the operation of birth, marriage and death paper records as well as identity documents.

The Department has further than 350 million inactive and active paper records, and a decision was taken to prioritise the digitisation of birth, marriage and emendations records. The linked order of records date back from 1 895 which bear care and dependable systems that will bear forbearance for digitisation purposes. utmost of the inactive records are civil enrollment literal records multiplied in handwriting format and need critical restoration, preservation and reconstruction.

ALSO APPLY Transnet Young Professional Traineeship Programme

As such the Department plans to convert all similar affiliated records through digitising hard dupe records to electronic format, for easier running and storehouse thereof. The design to digitize all of its communal records has been commissioned; the primary object of digitization of records will enable the optimum realisation of its core accreditation and as similar records will be fluently penetrated for service delivery purposes.

The secondary ideal seeks to contribute to youth commission and improvement of youth employability. The DHA thus seeks to contribute to the employment creation pretensions and strategic precedences of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative( PYEI) by acquiring jobless youth on a fixed term contract base to help with the digitization of its communal records.

The Department in collaboration with the Department of Employment and Labour calls for youth in the 18- 35 age type and People with Disabilities( PWDs), to register on ESSA and apply for this enriching occasion. campaigners that are formerly registered on ESSA don’t have to visit the Labour Centres and can apply for this positions Online. During the term of the contract, the youth will admit nonstop literacy and development interventions to ameliorate their chops for optimal performance and to equip them for unborn employment and/ or entrepreneurial openings.
The employment contract for the youth will be aligned to the duration of the design, running from 1 November 2022 until 31 October 2025. Successful campaigners will be placed in the Department’s services in Gauteng.

All posts bear applicable qualifications as indicated below from TVET, University of Technology or University.
To apply for placement, youthful people are prompted to visit https//essa.labour.gov.za/ EssaOnline/ WebBeans to REGISTER and APPLY FOR THE occasion. operations should be submitted online or visit their closest Labour Centre of the Department of Employment and Labour.

Should you admit notice that you have been named for shortlisting, you’ll be needed to present the following documents
Copy of qualifications
Copy of identity document
Successfully campaigners will be subordinated to felicity checks( Citizenship, Credit, Criminal and Qualification Verification). The successful campaigners will perform the ensuing duties

occasion 1 & 2 RUNNER & PREPPER( 320 Posts)
paycheck R5 000 per month
Conditions Parchment in Document and/ or Records Management or Information Technology

DUTIES Retrieval of lines from shelves kind and list lines; Prepare documents for scanning – unfolding, removing of masses & paper clips, sorting by document size, insertion of division wastes; kind lines in batches; Numbering of lines and documents

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