Housekeeping Cleanser
Deer Lodge Centre
Winnipeg, MB
Job details
15.52 an hour
Job type
Full Job Description
importunity ID 322616
Position Number 20054875
advertisement End Date Open Until Filled
City Winnipeg
point Deer Lodge Centre
Work position Deer Lodge Centre
Department/ Unit Housekeeping- DLC
Job Stream Clinical Support
Union PSAC


FTE Casual
Anticipated Shift Days; gloamings; Weekends
diurnal Hours Worked7.75
Periodic Base Hours 2015

Grow your career in the Winnipeg Health Region! Our platoon provides a diapason of health care services through an intertwined network of spots, services and associations. We ’re united by a participated commitment to excellent and indifferent health care.
Position Overview

Directly Responsible to the Supervisor of Housekeeping Services, the Housekeeping Cleaner performs the following general function of Cleaner on the day and evening shifts. This position is charged with the cleanliness of the Centre and do colorful conditioning similar as high dusting, damp dusting and cleaning, dust mopping, wet and damp mopping, vacuuming and carpet cleaning, bottom stripping and refinishing, waste running and hauling and cabinetwork moving for all erecting systems and erecting institutions.

Performs all duties in agreement with established health and safety regulations guidelines, programs and procedures(e.g. exercising particular, defensive outfit as per safe work procedures). Notifies their director or their designates( i.e. administrators) of all circumstances, injuries, ails or safety and health enterprises which are likely to harm themselves, theirco-workers, or any others who enter the demesne.

A minimum of one time former experience as a housekeeping cleanser in an institutional, marketable or healthcare installation is preferred.
Satisfactory employment record needed.
Education( Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate)
Completion of Grade X education, Manitoba norms or original.
Qualifications and Chops

Must be able of safely operating primer, battery and electrical driven housekeeping outfit.
Must have the capability to communicate effectively in oral and spoken English, and comprehend written and verbal instructions in English.
Capability to make simple fine computations for dilutions of drawing results and other job related computations is needed.
Must demonstrate good interpersonal and communication chops.
Must be suitable to work as a platoon member in amulti-disciplinary terrain.
Demonstrates knowledge and support of
The vision, values, pretensions, and objects of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and the Deer Lodge Centre.
The Deer Lodge Centre’s Mission Statement, residers Bill of Rights and Code of Conduct.
Personal Health Information Act, Protection of Persons in Care Act, Workplace Hazardous Material Information System( WHMIS), Principles of Routine Practices( Universal Precautions) and other enacted acts.
Knowledge of institutional or marketable cleaning styles.
Knowledge of Housekeeping programs and Procedures.
Knowledge of case/ staff connections in a senior Institution.

Knowledge of hard and flexible bottom conservation styles.
Capability to tolerate drawing chemicals.
Capability to use and store drawing chemicals as per policy and procedure.
Capability to work as a platoon member with other biddies, nursing and related disciplines.
Capability to manage with obnoxious odours and clean of gross soiling( feces, blood, body fluids,etc.)
Capability to regard each case/ occupant as an existent.
Capability to understand and admire the right of the case/ occupant


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