How to come a paramedic
Thank you for considering a career inpre-hospital exigency care. South Africa has a great need for professed, good exigency care providers. The profession has grown tremendously over the last 25 times. It can no longer be considered a job, but rather a professional calling. A commitment to patient care, professional integrity and lifelong literacy is vital to success in this career.

Employment in Emergency Medical Services
There are two major employers in the exigency services assiduity, videlicet the government and private exigency services. minimal conditions are generally HPCSA enrollment as a BAA/ BLS( Basic Ambulance Assistant), a valid motorist’s license and a Professional Driving Permit( PrDP) in Goods and Passengers.

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There’s presently an surfeit of BLS providers in the country. BLS interpreters may need perseverance and commitment to secure full- time employment in the assiduity.

Please note that ER24 doesn’t offer any marketable training to members of the public or commercial institutions.
Should you formerly meet the minimal conditions mentioned over, please register on our careers portal http//

University education
Certain universities offer a four- time Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Care( BEMS). Graduates of this programme are good as Emergency Care interpreters and suitable to give the loftiest position ofpre-hospital exigency care available.

communicate the university of your choice for farther information on costs as well as entrance conditions.

A two- time Diploma in Emergency Medical Care is available. This qualification is also offered by accredited institutions and graduates will register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a Paramedic. Mediclinic offers the Parchment in Emergency Medical Care in Cape Town. Fore further information on the programme

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