SAB is the most successful libation maker in the world, and its charge is to bring people together to produce a better world. They’re devoted to fostering development via the creation of brands and gests that bring people together, with the ultimate thing of perfecting the quality of life for further people in further locales. because of their unvarying commitment to casting superior drinks using only the finest constituents.

And via their fidelity to aiding the development of original communities, stores, and businesses, as well as growers. They’re working hard to establish a successful business. Not only for a decade. still, for the following one hundred times. They will do this by bringing further people together via their brands and by investing in the communities in which they operate, so icing that their business will remain an essential element of the lives of their guests for numerous generations to come.

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About the SAB Packaging Learnership 2023
SAB is offering a learnership programme for campaigners seeking for a full- time occasion to gain an NQF position 3 Food and Beverage Packaging qualification. You’ll be needed to subscribe a contract with a defined duration of one time in order to share in the SAB Packaging Learnership. During this time, you’ll engage in learning that’s both practical and theoretical, eventually leading to a public qualification.

The learnership is an systematized literacy program that integrates learning both on the work and down from the job into a single comprehensive class. The literacy that takes place outdoors from the plant focuses more on theoretical factors of the work- grounded literacy. Learning that allows for the occasion to apply the proposition and provides fresh openings for practical literacy gests that are necessary.

The qualification is grounded on SAQA certified unit norms, which stands for the South African Qualifications Authority. Demonstrating one’s capability in the plant can be done through a number of different evaluation strategies, with the assessment criteria serving as the standard for one’s position of performance. Unit norms are developed to represent value adding capacities that are necessary in the plant. They also contain the issues and evaluation criteria for each standard.

Eligibility Criteria
The first and most important thing for you to do is to come familiar with the eligibility conditions listed for the SAB Packaging Learnership. The degree to which you satisfy each of these conditions will determine whether or not you make an outstanding seeker. Please relate to the ensuing list of qualifying prerequisites in the event that you would like to corroborate the information that you have handed aboutyourself.However, it’s stylish if you’re suitable to fulfill all of the conditions that are detailed in the list that’s handed below, If you want to increase your chances of being successful.

The SAB Packaging Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows

Has at least a Matric qualification with the subjects of Mathematics and English
Shows a high position of tone provocation
Displays a keen eye for details
Works well and effectively with platoon members
profitable followed Technical Courses( N3, N4, N5, N6).
operation Instructions
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